Back in the 1970s, Ed Sawdon was a young person, like many other people, living with an undiagnosed mental illness. But it wasn’t in seeking help for his mental illness that eventually led to his diagnosis—it was in seeking help for a physical illness. “My first encounter with a medical professional on the issue of […]

Deborah Jackman is an artist. She’s smart, creative, has a great sense of humour, and lives with mental illness. She describes herself as “a big advocate” and believes breaking the silence around mental illness is one of the most important things family and friends can do to be supportive—because overcoming stigma is one of the […]

Once upon a time, in a land far away (Gander, NL to be exact) living a very successful life with a home, a family, an education, and a career, there was a princess. A very determined princess, she fought bravely each and every day against the evil symptoms and consequences of mental illness. But alas, […]

I often say that I had two fathers. Not in the way you’re probably thinking. No, my “two Dads” inhabited one body. One father was fun, funny, charismatic…The life of the party. At weddings, women would line up to dance with him and at home we would cuddle on the couch well into my teens. […]

If we are indeed a product of our environments, then I am only still able to be here today because of everything I have lived, and lived through, including child molestation and abuse, spousal abuse, severe depression, anxiety disorder, and three divorces. I have issues with abandonment, loneliness and not fitting in. That said, I […]